The Litehawk RC Helicopter

New to the market, the Litehawk Remote Controlled Helicopter has been called the world's best remote controlled helicopter, and that's no empty boast. This little helicopter blows older remote controlled helicopters right out of the water by making the process of flying easy and fun. Other helicopters on the market can have a steep learning curve in order to start having fun, but the Litehawk has been specifically designed to be incredibly easy to learn to use.
The Litehawk is also incredibly durable. Its chassis is made of steel, and the rest of the body is made with a light weight plastic called Lexan which is so durable that it has bullet resistant properties. Its rotor wings are flexible so that they will more easily bend than crack when they're impacted, and they're made to break away and stop when anything gets in their way so they will not be a danger to fingers. The wings are also easily replaceable if they do get damaged. They're just screwed in. The landing gear will flex on landing to cushion hard impacts and avoid damage to the helicopter itself.

Most remote controlled helicopters on the market have a spring in the throttle stick that causes it to automatically return to the starting spot when pressure is taken off. This means that users have to get used to applying a constant pressure and figuring out how to push just right when starting out. But the Litehawk controller doesn't contain any such spring, so users can push to find a "sweet spot" where the helicopter's hovering beautifully and then concentrate on steering it without paying any attention to the throttle stick. This, combined with the incredibly effective stabilizing system, is what makes the Litehawk so easy and fun to use.

There is no cover over the Litehawk helicopter's motor like there is on other toy helicopters. This reduces the weight of the helicopter, and it also helps the motor to vent heat more efficiently which means that the Litehawk RC helicopter can stay aloft for longer and remain cooler than other helicopters on the market. Flashing lights on the flanks of the helicopter also make it possible to fly the Litehawk at night or with the lights out, and they make for an impressive display.
The helicopter carries a small rechargeable battery in its nose which provides a surprisingly long running time for its size. But to sweeten the deal even more, the Litehawk controller comes with a built in charger, so that you can charge up the battery directly from the six "AA" batteries in the controller wherever you are.

Because of its ease of use, its durability, and the way it provides hours of fun with so little effort, the Litehawk Remote Controlled Helicopter is essentially unbeatable in the market for casual users. It's no wonder with everything going for it that this great little toy has become a hit among children and adults alike. It's basically good remote controlled fun for the whole family!

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