Toys for Kids Ages 4-7

One of the best features of this toy is that it’s multi functional. And that doesn’t mean it talks or lights up or does anything slightly jarring like that. It transforms from a cuddly companion to comfortable pillow in a snap. Just undo the strap on the animal’s belly and you have a pillow on your hands! To get the animal back, just refasten the strap and you’re ready to play again. It’s as simple as that.

Finding toys for kids ages 4-7 isn’t really all that hard. Everyone is carrying age appropriate toys anymore, and it really depends on what your specific child likes. However, perhaps you might like to consider the latest toy craze, the stuffed animal that doubles as a pillow.
The benefits to a toy like this are numerous. For example, most pillow animals are totally machine washable. So if your child is somewhat hard on their toys, don’t worry. Let him take them outside and play in the dirt. Let her take them to the grocery store, or school. When they’re done just stick the toy in the washing machine and it will come out as good as new!
Another positive aspect to this toy is that they are safe for kids of all ages, not just 4-7 year olds. So rest easy if you also have a 2 year old or a younger child in your home. Most stuffed animals that are also pillows don’t have any parts that are easily swallowed and are stuffed with safe materials like cotton as opposed to beans or pieces of foam. So this age appropriate toy won’t pose a threat to any other younger children in your household.
So, now that you’ve decided a stuffed animal that’s also a pillow would be an excellent toy for your child who’s between 4 and 7, where can you get one? As this toy is gaining dramatically in popularity, they’re available most anywhere, even local pet stores. However, an online retailer can provide many things a local store can’t. For example, you can shop in the comfort of your home in your pajamas if you wish. You can avoid long lines, traffic and crowds that go along with holiday and busy weekend shopping. Often, you can even find lower prices online than you can in the stores, as online retailers can get better prices on their merchandise than local merchants can.
One such online retailer that can provide you with a variety of ideal toys for kids age 4-7 is Cuddly Pillow & Pets. They have over 30 different animals to suit any child. Everything from bunnies to cats to magical dragons to iguanas can be found at Cuddly Pillow & Pets measure around 18 inches in their pillow form, making them totally portable and an ideal traveling companion. If you take your family on a lot of long car rides or have a number of family members who live far away, a Cuddly Pillow & Pet can be the perfect addition to your travel plans. So visit their website today and pick out the perfect animal to put a smile on your child’s face.
By: Arthur Cooper 
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