Parenting Young Children Should Be An Arduous Thing If You Are Not Capable For Anything And Everything!

      If you are parenting young children, you may at times feel totally lost and confused. You may just be a little bit off track, so if you get some extra help now, you can set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy children and good family fun.
If you are parenting young children, you are no question, faced with at least a few minutes any day even if you feel a bit beaten. Read along to ascertain this authors adventures.

I just not long ago became fifty, so I am not at present, nor do I comprise any agenda whatsoever for, parenting young children. Even though it has been 15 years since I have been in this place, I remember it all like it was the other day. So please permit me to dole out some thoughts.

I recall the night we brought my first daughter home from the hospital. It was lightly snowing out, and though I was a very accomplished driver, I call to mind feeling as though it were the very first time I had ever driven a car. After we made it home, and the months went by, I recall having this same thoughts over and over again. There were quite a few routine things that I would do in a day that just didn't seem the same anymore.

looking back, I know what was going on. It's the combination of worry, and the total fragility of a brand new baby that just does amazing things to a person. You find yourself worrying about the simplest things until you've convinced yourself that you are the world's most paranoid parent.

When our next daughter was brought into the world, everything was not the same. Sure we were concerned about the actual birth, and of course the entire pregnancy, but once my second daughter was born, we just felt like everything would be alright.

something I haven't talked about parenting young children, is what goes on when they aren't counting on mom and dad for everything. Usually, by the time you have a second child, if you are so fortunate, the first kid is able to walk around your home or apartment and start all kinds of trouble. This, as I recall, is when the real fun begins.

one thing I've found in my experience is that, time doesn't stop for anyone. In fact, it seems to pass by at an ever-increasing pace. My wife and I both worked alot, so, before we knew it, our second kid was out of diapers. Now we were parenting 2 young children, and they both were very active.

Almost overnight we were back to thinking like we had no clue what to do. There's so much that goes on in one day, especially if you have little kids running around your place. There's alot of little decisions that are made along the way, and much of the time you don't realize the long-term result to them.

I equivocally was no pushover as a parent, and I also didn't want to come down too hard on my children if the offense didn't appear to be too bad. There are absolutely things that I know now I would have done another way. However, one thing I can say proudly is that I cared so much about my kids, and I always tried to do the right thing, as did my wife.

If we fast forward fifteen years, my children have turned out great, and I am very grateful about that.
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