Outdoor Christmas Décor

When looking for outdoor wall décor, individuals do not always think initially of animated outdoor Christmas décor. However, there are some décor ideas that can be hung on the walls during the holiday season to take the place of the more traditional decorating ideas that are used throughout the rest of the year. This animated outdoor Christmas décor does not have to be gaudy, since there are so many different companies that specialize in these materials on the market today to give individuals choices. When trying to gather ideas, it is a great idea to look into store windows at the displays as well as in magazine layouts around the holiday season so that ideas can be gathered and a family Christmas look can be established.


One idea in animated outdoor Christmas décor is the inflatable Ferris wheel which contains a bunch of holiday creatures. Even though inflatable figures are often on the gaudy side of decorating ideas, if the piece is used as the focal point in the yard, and the other decorations are all toned down around it, then it can be used as a fun focus in the yard
outdoor christmas wreath
without being tasteless. In the Ferris wheel there is a Santa Claus and several snowmen, in addition to elves, all riding with glee. If the yard is decorated with a patch of fake snow underneath the display, and white icicle lights around the doorway of the home, then the yard can look festive while being fun and tasteful.

Another idea in animated outdoor Christmas décor is decorations to hang on the wall. There are some decorations that are formed into different figures, such as snowmen, Santa's, reindeer and elves. These figures have lights that will flash on and off on different parts of the figure to make it look like the figure is moving. One example of this is Santa Claus waving his arm as the passerby's. In another example, there is a sled full of children that is sitting at the top of a hill. The lights turn on and off, making the display seem as though the children are sledding down the hill to the bottom where they all tumble off, smiling, into a snow bank.

Finally, animated outdoor Christmas décor can also be found in wire-based figures, such as a couple of reindeer who seem to be looking from side to side before leaning down to munch on something on the ground. 

By: Jean Reeves 
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