Knowing Stages Of Pregnancy

The moment you get married, your next expectancy will be to bear a kid and a yet one more expectation is to know more about pregnancy, its stages and childbirth. Pregnancy is one of the most sought after experiences in feminimity, and you will be anticipating know more about it and to bear the enchanting experience. Though no two pregnancies will be alike, when it comes to the stages of pregnancy, all pregnancies will have same stages and there are three stages comprising 13 weeks each.

First Trimester

The 1st 13 weeks of the pregnancy cycle is regarded as the 1st trimester and it's the most vital of all of the trimesters. It's this first trimester in which your baby will begin to develop all its critical organs and it is the stage where the pregnancy can develop many complications too. If you are a smoker it is highly recommended that you quit the habit immediately, lest your smoking may descend as birth problems on your baby when it is born. Similarly if you've a practice of using alcohol you must stop it instantly and you are also intended to cut back your caffeine intake besides making certain a regular intake of essential minerals and vitamins.
When it comes to the symptoms during your early Pregnancy Stages, you may get the classic morning sickness, frequent fatigue and urinating urge. Though all ladies are unlikely to get all of the symptoms, you need not panic if you do not exhibit all the symptoms that a standard pregnant woman would show. Make sure to visit your GP frequently and it is this trimester that you must learn to take care of you and your growing baby carefully.

second Trimester

The second 13 weeks that is extending from 14th to 26th week of pregnancy is often known as 2nd trimester and it's in this trimester that you will stop getting morning sickness. Further, you will also start feeling the movement of your baby inside your womb in this trimester, and you can also start getting few discomforts in the form of back stiffness and headaches. Your physical appearance will also improve to a major extent due to several hormone-triggered changes and you'll also gain weight and see your stomach prominent because of the expansion of your baby. Your baby s bones will also become harder during this trimester and therefore you should continue to take all the prescribed minerals and vitamins without exception.
3rd Trimester

The last and the final 3rd Pregnancy Stages will again are composed of 13 weeks and it's in this stage that you will also start feeling concerned as the due date for delivery keep approaching fast. If you can observe yourself closely, you can see your emotions getting mixed and anxious and you will also start wondering about the various benefits and disadvantages of tending a tender baby. In this 3rd trimester, your fetus would have completed all its expansion cycles and have grown into a full fledged baby ready to see the outer world therefore making you happy and exited.
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