The Importance of Kids Pretend Play

The Importance of Kids Pretend Play

By Jacque Crook
Kids pretend play is very important, especially in the early years of their development. Pretend play offers many different advantages and benefits to your child. One of them is that it sparks their imaginations. Whether it is playing with doll houses, kitchen sets, or even other play sets, it allows children to use their imaginations, pretending they are cooking for the family, running their own restaurant, and taking care of the house. It also helps in other ways. For households with multiple children, it get them it cooperate, developing their social skills and interactions for dealing with other children.

Kids pretend play allows them to become whoever they want to be, and allows them to get a basic understanding of what it's like to cook for the family, take care of the house, etc. This should get them to understand at least some of the things that parents go through on an every day basis, and maybe appreciate more the things they have.

Pretend play can also help mental development, because they have to learn problem solving skills during role play. They also learn communication skills, communicating with their dolls or having their dolls talk in grown up ways. Writing skills are also a big part of it, writing shopping lists, chores, and this helps promote reading and writing.

These of course are just a few of the many benefits. If you are looking for some good high quality kitchen sets or doll houses, ones that are affordable, then here are some examples. Many different products are offered over a number of different websites. For a good basic kitchen set, there is the Primary Wooden Kitchen. This set has a stove, even and even a pretend microwave. It includes a pretend sink as well as accessories like salt and pepper shakers, mixing spoon, and spatula.

It also has a clock with moving hands and a convenient storage area below the sink. This kitchen set is large enough for more than one child to play with at the same time. This product is make from hard wood and plastic piece, and is recommended for ages three and up. This unit sells for $129.99.

This is just one of the kids pretend play kitchen sets that are available. Pretend play can also mean doll houses as well. When some people think of doll houses, dollar signs start to appear, because many think doll houses can be very expensive. Well this is not really true. You can actually get many large doll houses with many extras for under two hundred dollars. One of them is the Annabelle Dollhouse.

This doll house is large, 37&quotH x 21&quotL and almost six inches deep. It is three stories tall, with rooms inside and out. This doll house also has features like wide window, a hanging chandelier, and 16 different pieces of furniture, great for pretend fun. You can get all of this for just $159.99.

These are just a few examples of the kids pretend play products that are available from many different outlets and retailers. There are not just doll houses and kitchen sets, there are plenty of pretend play products that are more boy oriented as well.

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