How To Baby Proof Your Nursery And Crib

If you're expecting your first child you are probably on an emotional, financial, and physical roller coaster. However there's another thing to add to your list of things to do before your baby arrives - and keep up with as your baby gets older. And that very important thing is that you should first baby proof and eventually child proof your crib and nursery.

This article will focus on what you should do to prepare for your baby's first several months.

Make Sure Your Baby's Crib Is Safe

Since your newborn will be spending most of his or her time in their crib most of your baby proofing efforts will focus on making the crib and nursery as safe as possible.

In order to meet all current safety standards, your baby's crib should have been manufactured after 1992. If you have inherited a used crib you may not be aware if there were any recalls; and if there were you many not know if all of the defects have been corrected.

Therefore, if you are at all unsure, be safe and buy a new crib.

Whatever crib your baby uses, there should not be too much of a gap between the crib and the mattress. You can test this by putting your finger between the side rails and the mattress and then between the headboard and the mattress and the footboard and the mattress. If there is any additional air space then the mattress is too small.

Newborns only need a safe crib, clothing, and a simple blanket to keep them warm. Anything else, such as pillows, stuffed animals, or heating blankets can cause them to suffocate. These things do not belong in the crib.

Make Sure That Your Nursery Is Safe

Your changing table should be equipped with a safety belt and a changing pad. Make sure to always use the safety belt. This is especially important when your baby gets into the rolling stage.

A lot of experts also recommend that you take an extra precaution. They suggest that you should put a soft, thick rug under your changing table - "just in case."

Babies like to grab things. You should not put anything that can be even somewhat dangerous on your changing table. Remember that even tubes of diaper cream have sharp edges. So keep them off the changing table.

If you keep organized as your baby grows and keep everything in the nursery in its proper place, by the time your baby is crawling "neatness" will have all become a habit.

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