Early Morning Hours with a Young Child

Early mornings are tough...at least for us adults. However, the children love the morning time, and show it with enthusiasm. It's as if their biological clock is set to a different time zone the way they naturally wake so early, just as the sun is rising. Sometimes I wish it was that easy for me, but not enough to give up my morning sleep if given the opportunity. But with a little planning you can turn the opposite personalities into mornings that are a wonderful time.

If you capitalize on the early morning energy of your child, directing the energy into productive activities, you can make mornings much better. When he wakes up, encourage him to make his bed. By turning it into a game you can get a well rested energetic child to do chores that would otherwise be a struggle. Children love to be useful, so have your helper do anything he is capable of to help you get ready in the morning. If you're anything like me the chaotic energy of a young child is stressful in the early morning hours, bur redirecting the energy makes it so much easier to cope with.

There are still days that it is difficult to remain conscious enough to gracefully channel my child's manic-seeming energy level. Caring for a child all day requires time after they go to bed to relax and unwind. After giving ourselves the time we need, my husband and I go to bed too late. At the time that our son is going full speed I still need rest, and that much energy seems incredibly overwhelming when I'm still half asleep. As long as I keep in mind that his energy is normal and healthy, and that I have the power to encourage that energy to be used for good instead of evil, I seem to be able to manage.

By keeping mornings positive, no matter how difficult it is for me, I have set up a routine that works well in our home. Our little son is so happy that he gets to be my helper every morning that on the days that I am less functional he is able to help in the ways that are difficult for a two-year-old. As unbelievable as it is he is able to allow us to take a nap, which is great for me if I really need it and has come in handy as the end of my second pregnancy nears. As the adult it is my job to make sure that our relationship is mutually respectful and that we work as a team, and apparently all my efforts have been fruitful.

There is no guarantee that your child's temperament will allow you to enjoy the same amount of cooperation that my son gives me, but by working with that early morning energy you can make it much easier to deal with. I know that I will never be a morning person like my son is, but because we love and accept each other it will always be okay. As long as we continue to work as a team things will only get better in the future. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed in the hopes that our next baby will be as easy.
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