Creating a Perfect Baby Girls Bedroom

There are many simple designs and styles that you can take on for your little girls bedroom. You may immediately be thinking of pink as your base colour, but there are other options such as lilac, beige and even a very pale yellow. Going beyond the standard colour of pink can open up more avenues for designs and can even make your little girls bedroom theme longer lasting, you don't want to have to chop and change every time she falls out of love with a colour, so keep it simple and non-garish.

When the day comes for your little girl to move in to her own room, you are not going to want to stick her in a cot in just a plain, bog standard bedroom. You will want her bedroom to be perfect and as such you will need to decorate it and fill it with accessories that make it feel like a room that is fit for a princess.
When choosing a theme for your little girl you can either go with a character favourite or choose a theme that is popular at the moment. Some character favourites include Disney Princess, Disney Fairies and Dora the Explorer. You can easily decorate your little girls bedroom around these themes without having to worry about what you will do when/if she decides that she no longer loves the character that she chose. Many girls bedroom character themes can be created using stick on wall art that is easily removed, or alternatively you can just accessorise with textiles and ornaments that fit your chosen theme.
Some girls bedroom themes that are popular right now include princess, butterflies and ballerinas. You can create these themes using bunting, wall art, textiles and even mirrors can add a nice touch that will last for a long time
Once you have chosen, designed and completed your baby girls bedroom theme moving her in to her own room will feel so much easier. It can then become a place for her to love and play in, creating a lifetimes worth of memories for you both.
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