Baby Monitors – To Keep an Eye On Your Baby

You bring home your first baby and find it hard to leave her asleep in her room alone. This not uncommon with any baby and parents can be reassured by using a baby monitor. Baby monitors come with at least two parts – the transmitter which stays in baby’s room, or wherever baby is and the receiver which stays with the parent. Originally both ends of the monitor had to be plugged in to the wall and only transmitted sounds. They’ve come a long way since those first days.
Monitors are now available with wireless receivers, often more than one, that can be carried in the yard and around the house, making your chores easier to complete. You may choose one with a wired and wireless receiver so you are sure to have one in your bedroom all the time; or for times when the battery dies and you don’t have additional ones. In addition, camera monitors are readily available at affordable prices which allow you to watch your baby as well as hear any sounds.
Some monitors will also alert you if baby is not moved in a certain length of time. Knowing your child is happily playing in the crib after a nap will help the child build some security and independence from her parents; instead of mom coming in every time she thinks she hears a sound.
There are many manufacturers of baby monitors so it’s important that you research the monitor you are considering, the options you want with your monitor, and the reliability of each brand. The monitor doesn’t help you if it doesn’t work well, or has very little range in a big house.
This is definitely one purchase where you may want to spend a little more money to insure quality; however, inexpensive models can be just as reliable depending on the brand.
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by Tiffany Windhurst on December 3, 2010
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