Are Games Really Bad For Your Children?

The game console industry is continuously and rapidly growing, despite the frustration of the parents seeing their kids spending all day in front of the television playing their favorite games. We often call games as a bad habit because we thought that these games can make you dumb over time, but is this perception true?

If you want to learn how these games can affect your children mentally, then this article is the right one for you. I will be showing you some of the reasons why games can make your kids smarter even without reading books or studying for long hours.

Games that are based on strategy and tactics will enhance the capability of your children to solve problems while adapting to the situations instantly and simultaneously. When you are playing strategy-based games, your mind needs to work continuously and the player needs to adapt to certain situations instantly. These games will also help your children to plot better strategies when facing a real-world challenge, thus making them better individuals.

Reading books do not require great imagination. You can read books and understand its context without seeing the whole situation. Games force your mind to continuously analyze situations in order to instantly make a decision. Playing games will definitely take the imagination of your children to a whole new level, which is a very important skill for our young adults.

Accomplishment is very important for us adults. However, oftentimes, we do not possess the sense of accomplishing something important, making us a failure of our own mistakes. Games will help your kids to develop a great sense of accomplishment. Although an in-game accomplishment is far from a real world accomplishment, these games will still help them develop a very important skill.

If you still think that games are bad for your children, think again. Games offer a lot of benefits to players. The problem only starts when too much playing without the guidance of parents is present. 

By: Tiffany Windhurst

Published: December 10, 2010
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