4 Unique Christmas Ideas That Encourage Positive Habits in Children

Christmas is just around the corner, and of course there are no shortages of gifts you could buy your children that are anything but good for them. But what about gifts that can only encourage the healthy physical activity that children need? After all, wouldn't you rather have the kids running around the yard for their fun than sitting in front of the newest Playstation to hit the market?
Here are 4 Christmas gifts that can surprise your kids while at the same time encouraging some healthy physical activity.

1. A Garden

You probably think I've gone a little crazy mentioning what some may see as "work" as a gift idea, but kids at the right age will love playing around in a garden and watching the vegetables and flowers they planted grow. Not to mention that gardening is a great skill to have these days--and a dying one at that.

To top it all off, in this economy, we don't all have the money for all the newfangled gadgets. This is a gift you can put together yourself on a tight budget, have your kids help you build, and in the end it will even contribute directly to the family's finances by putting food on the table.

I realize how crazy it sounds, but with a little creativity, the gift of gardening is something your kids will love that will only contribute directly the entire family's welfare.

Make sure you do some research to find out what plants, herbs, and vegetables do well in your area around this time of year, and then when spring hits you can start planting for the summer time. Just imagine all that food come fall.

2. Activity Classes

If you've got a little more money to spend and don't like the idea of giving kids a gift they have to earn, another great present that requires activity are activity classes--think dance, martial arts, or gymnastics. These are the types of learning experiences that can easily become a lifelong passion, so find out what your kids are interested in ahead of time, and when the time comes, give them their dream.

3. Day at the Water Park

Not something we usually think about in the middle of winter, but it really depends on your local climate. If you live in an area that stays relatively warm during the winter time, consider bringing the kids out for a day of splashing around—the upside is in most places, you won't find the summer crowds. Other great activity days include ice skating, rollerblading, and bowling.

4. Playground Equipment

One of the best investments a parent can make in their child's health is to purchase a little playground equipment for the yard, and this is the type of Christmas morning surprise that just boggles a child's mind. Consider getting a small slide, some swing sets, and trampoline--or one of the above--and make your kid's year.

This type of gift will continue delivering a healthy source of physical activity and never grow old.
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